1. All boat slips will be assigned by Dockmaster, Registration must be available to Dock attendant. Changing of slips is prohibited without approval of Dockmaster. Any boat occupying an unassigned slip will be subject to a fine and/or removal.
  2. The Dockmaster may assign smaller boats into larger slips. However, upon availability of smaller slips, the Dockmaster has the authority to reassign the smaller boats.
  3. Boats may leave the marina after payment of dockage fee and return to same slip providing a line is placed across the slip diagonally.
  4. Quiet hours must be observed from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am.
  5. Boaters are limited fourteen consecutive nights with a 48-hour mandatory break between continuous stays during the peak season (June 22 – September 4).
  6. No swimming and dumping of any waste water from lavatories in marina.
  7. Fires of any type, for any purpose, are prohibited within the park boundaries.
  8. Dinghies may be allowed to be tied in front of docked vessels only if they are capable of being immediately lifted onto that bow of that vessel.
  9. No docking is allowed in front of restricted and signed areas or emergency bulkhead. All regulatory signs must be obeyed.
  10. The designated fire lanes must remain open for emergency purposes. Deck chairs, folding tables or any other articles are not permitted in this area.
  11. Bicycles, scooters and skateboards are prohibited on walks and around the marina.
  12. Tampering with the electrical outlets, panel boxes or wiring is a criminal offense. Anyone caught doing same will be federally cited and removed from the marina.
  13. Jet skis are not permitted at Watch Hill and Sailors Haven.
  14. Dog owners are responsible for all their dog's actions. Dogs must be on a leash no greater than six feet leash at all times and must use marina pet comfort areas.
  15. Boaters are prohibited from performing maintenance tasks in the marina.
  16. Boaters are to report any spills or suspected spills of oil, gas or septic waste to dock staff or the Park Service.
  17. Boaters are to rinse boats with water and make every effort to limit this activity. Only green cleaning products are to be used in the Marina.
  18. Air conditioning and hot water heaters are to run only when there is an immediate need. They are to be shut off any time you leave the boat.

Insurance and Hold Harmless Clause

"All boats docked at the Sailors Haven Marina must have hull and liability insurance in effect at all times while docked here. The use of the Sailors Haven Marina dockage facilities is strictly at the boat owner's risk. Sailors Haven Marina assumes no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of any vessel while docked or anchored in adjoining waters. The Sailors Haven Marina will not be liable for fire, theft, or storm damage to any vessel, its equipment or any property on or around said vessel."