Snack Bar

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Sandwiches Sides
  Tuna   Cheese Nachos
  B.L.T.   French Fries
  Grilled Cheese   French Fries w/ Cheese
  Cheese Sandwich   Mozzarella Sticks

Hot Off the Grill Beverages
  Grilled Chicken   Soda
  Hot Dog   Iced Tea
  Hamburger   Lipton's Green Tea
  Cheese Burger   Coffee or Tea
  Double Burger   Hot Chocolate
  Double Cheese Burger   Bottled Water

Fried Foods Ice Cream
  Chicken Nuggets   Italian Ice or Ice Cream
  Fried Clam Roll   Choco Taco!
  Fried Clam Plate   Vanilla Bar

Breakfast Menu

Hot Off the Grill Baked Goods
  Breakfast Specials   Roll or Bagel w/ Butter
  Scrambled Eggs on a Roll   Bagel w/ Cream Cheese
  French Toast   Corn Muffin
      Blueberry Muffin
      Banana Nut Muffin