Sunken Forest

The ancient history of Fire Island is alive at the Sunken Forest, an enchanting 300 year old primeval holly forest, which is the only one of its kind on the East Coast.

Under a diverse canopy of leaves, a 1.5 mile board walk meanders through freshwater bogs filled with a variety of trees and shrubs, such as blueberry and red maples; the maritime forest with its American holly and catbrier; and the swale between the dunes, with its grasses and low growing evergreens.

Of course there is a delightful chance encounter along the trail with one of the island’s whitetailed deer, red fox, or other local wildlife.

Guided tours are often available for this bay to dune nature trail, which begins at the Sailors Haven visitors center.  There is also a stairway with access to the beach at the southern portion of the trail.